joi, 22 martie 2012

Bucharest snowkiting fields

Bucharest is surrounded by crops fields which this winter got a generous layer of snow which lasted until spring came. Basically you can use any open field with no obstacles where the snow is good.
There are a few areas where kiters gather like Sindrilita or Mihailesti. We had a few fun sessions this winter in these locations.
The snow melted now as the temperatures got higher so we’ll move on to the water soon.
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joi, 15 martie 2012

Snowkiting at Sinaia Cota 2000

The plateau at 2000 meters altitude in Sinaia is the perfect place for practicing snowkiting. It is a big area with no obstacles and it is usually windy. If he wind is too strong you can go down in the valley where it will get weaker, but because is coming over obstacles is very gusty.  When the wind is strong no cable system is working in the area so the kite or a friend with a snowmobile can be used to get back at starting point.
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